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Questions tagged [the-shield]

The Shield is an American drama television series starring premiered on March 12, 2002 on FX. show's Strike Team was loosely based on Rampart Division police scandal.

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Why do the police suspect Antwon Mitchell before he has committed any crime?

Antwon Mitchell is introduced in the show as a peaceful former gangster, who works for his community. Yet the police (Monica Rawling and the Strike Team) decide that he must be condemned and sent back ...
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What did Vic take from Dutch's drawer?

In The Shield, season 1, ep 1, detective Dutch comes back to his desk, opens his drawer and notices something has been taken. Dutch immediately questions Vic why did he take his Ding Dong(s)? What ...
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What does security detail mean?

In the TV show The Shield, Vic has got two autistic children that need special education which demands a bit more money than Vic's salary can afford, so that he goes to his captain and asks for more ...
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Was the episode "The Co-Pilot" in Season 2 supposed to be the pilot?

In "The Shield" there is an episode in Season 2 that does not fit into the timeline of the other episodes: Episode 2x09 "The Co-Pilot". It plays during the time of the opening of the Barn, so even ...
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