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A 2017 television series created for Netflix and based upon the Marvel Comics character of the same name while also sharing continuity with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Could bulletproof glass stop a sniper?

In the TV show the "The Punisher" (s01e07) there is a scene where Frank Castle attempts to kill a man standing at a window using a sniper rifle: To his ...
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How does Billy Russo acquire his 'Jigsaw' mask?

In The Punisher season 2, we see Billy Russo wearing this mask: Who provided Billy Russo with this mask which totally signifies his character in this series (Jigsaw)? If the hospital provided the ...
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Is the bartender from The Punisher Season 2 a real character from marvel comics?

I don't have enough information about this, but I'd like to think that all Marvel movies/series are directly related and associated to the comics (Like Harry Potter maybe?). If this is wrong, then my ...
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How did Karen acquire the handgun?

In The Punisher S01E10 "Virtue of the Vicious", there is a scene where Karen is held at gunpoint by Lewis and is also wearing a bomb vest. The Punisher (Frank) quite craftily signals Karen to pull out ...
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Why didn't Billy Russo delete records of the Anvil mercenaries

Isn't it a goof? With the resources like he has working with Agent Orange he should've been able to remove their files/id's etc. Not to forget he shot one of his partners in the head while fleeing ...
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Why did Frank Castle save the kid during the robbery?

In the first episode of The Punisher (TV series), we see Frank living as isolated as possible while also working. He ends up overhearing about a planned robbery from his coworkers. Also, the coworkers ...
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What scene in Full Metal Jacket was the "Ann-Margret" joke in Netflix "The Punisher" referencing?

In the Netflix "The Punisher" series, during the debriefing for the "Operation Cerberus" one of guys (after hearing typical "you are one team now serving me" stuff) wisecracks: So, does this mean ...
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Can I watch Daredevil (2003) and Punisher (2004) without spoiling the Netflix series?

So we know that Daredevil season 3 and Punisher season 1 will air on Netflix in 2017/18 respectively. But I read about the 2003 Daredevil movie and the 2004 Punisher movie and would like to know if ...
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