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Questions tagged [the-prisoner]

Television series about a retired secret agent who finds himself a prisoner in a mysterious village. Originally broadcast on British television in 1968.

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Is there a canon explanation of the function/purpose of the rotating teeter-totter device in The Prisoner?

In the 1967/1968 TV series "The Prisoner", there is an "operations" room of sorts; it appears dome-shaped, and in the center is a rotating teeter-totter-like device with a man ...
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Were the very similar scenes in The Prisoner (TV) and The Ruling Class (Film) simply an amazing coincidence?

The Ruling Class (1972 film) was based on The Ruling Class (1968 play). In the 1972 film, The Ruling Class on Tubi, at 1:56:44, (or YouTube segment), Peter O'Toole, wearing a top-hat, dances and sings ...
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Did Patrick McGoohan personally own the Lotus Seven seen in The Prisoner?

In the opening sequence of The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan is seen driving a Lotus Seven bearing the number KAR120C. Within the show, it was his character's personal property (in the episode "Many ...
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Does The Prisoner have a 'canonical' running order?

I just finished watching the box set of The Prisoner and I was also reading the reviews on the AV Club website, because I like reading reviews of things. I noticed that the episode order in the ...
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Are 'the prisoner's card numbers '666' a reference to a certain aspect of the plot? Does it repeat along the series?

In the series "The prisoner" season 1 ep 1 (I only saw it for now), the protagonist, number '6', receives his cards to access services on the island. The scene is the following: ...
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Is the story ever evolved?

Watching The Prisoner for the first time I have seen 3 episodes now. While I find the setting intriguing, I get the feeling that the situation won't change. That at the end of each episode we will not ...
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Where does No. 6 go with his car in the title sequence?

The title/opening sequence of The Prisoner has McGoohan's character - No. 6 - drive his car into some parking garage near the British Parliament building (IIANM). Was that garage really located there ...
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