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2 answers

Why was "The Orville" chosen for the name of the ship and the series?

The Orville is a sci-fi about the crew on the ship by the same name. Out of universe, why was this name chosen for the show (and the ship)? It appears to be a person's name, but there isn't anybody so ...
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1 answer

What are Bortus and Alara's jobs on the bridge of the Orville?

Best I can tell, the bridge crew of the Orville have the following jobs: Cpt. Ed Mercer - Captain Cmdr. Kelly Grayson - First officer Lt. Gordon Malloy - Helmsman Lt. Cmdr John LaMarr - Navigator (...
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What is the significance of Alara's gift to Capt. Mercer?

In the third episode of season 2 of The Orville, Alara gets a gift for Capt Mercer as a goodbye present. The gift isn't revealed until the end of the episode. Capt Mercer opens the box and pulls out a ...
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Why did Captain Mercer request another Xeleyan to replace Alara?

After Alara leaves the series, she's replaced by another Xelayan female with a bit of an attitude, Talla. Other than super-human strength, which is clearly an asset, what are the both in-universe and ...
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How much in-universe time has passed during the three seasons of the Orville?

How much time has passed between season 1 episode 1 and season 3 episode 11 of the Orville? I'm looking for an answer based on in-universe time using canonical sources, rather than user opinion. This ...
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