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The OA is a 2016 drama, sci-fi, and mystery TV series created by Zal Batmanglij and Brit Marling and starring Brit Marling, Jason Isaacs, Emory Cohen, and Scott Wilson. Prairie Johnson (Marling), who was blind, went missing for years. She returns home older and with her eyesight. Was it a miracle or something else?

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Why did the police stop pursuing Karim, given his previous involvement in breaking out OA/Nina?

In S02E04, Karim Washington helps break OA/Nina out of Treasure Island. Afterwards, the police are after both of them. But in S02E07, he seems to be free to move about: He shows the police around the ...
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Why doesn't Hap have microphones in the basement?

Hap has prisoners in his basement. First, why doesn't he have microphones in the basement so he can listen to what his prisoners are saying? His prisoners are able to communicate with each other and ...
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How did Hap manage to cross borders with kidnapped victims?

In The OA S01E05, how did Hap and Homer fly/travel out of the US and into Cuba? And then later back to the US with an additional prisoner, Renata? Entering the US with two unwilling prisoners, one of ...
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Why did Netflix cancel the OA after season 2?

Netflix has canceled the OA after its second season, in spite of the show's hardcore fanbase. What is the reason behind this?
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OA season 2 final episode explanation [closed]

I didn't quite understand the ending: All kids and BBA did those movements so that OA travels into another dimension or to save her from danger (in the final episode)? What were all those bodies of ...
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What crime are we to surmise that Prairie/OA has been accused or convicted of?

At the end of the penultimate episode of The OA, a group of concerned parents discover the group of five in the abandoned house. At that point, the group is disbanded. In the final episode, it ...
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Why is episode 6 so short in the OA season 1?

I have just watched the first season of the OA and the length of the episodes feel weird : episode 1 : 71 min episode 2 : 58 min episode 3 : 60 min episode 4 : 64 min episode 5 : 61 min episode 6 : ...
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Why did Khatun Speak Arabic?

Khatun (the lady Prairie meets in her near-death-experience and who takes her sight away) speaks the original Arabic language most of the time. Why did the writers choose Arabic for this character? ...
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The OA last episode - FBI Agent's involvement?

Reflecting on the final episode of the OA, in which French enters Prairie's house while her family are staying at a motel, to search for clues to her whereabouts. He discovers four books - a book on ...
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How did the OA acquire her wisdom?

The newly-released Netflix series "The OA" hooked me in because in the first episode, the OA (aka Prairie Johnson) talks in a very Yoda-like manner, profound and philosophical. For instance here's ...
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Read the braille on Khatun and Prarie's father's faces (The OA)

In episode 4, Prarie/The OA meets Khatun again, she appears to have little bumps which look like braille. This is a longshot but can anyone read any of this? A high resolution version can be seen ...
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Why did French see himself as Homer in the mirror?

In the final episode of season 1, while wandering around Prairie's house, French looks in the mirror and briefly sees himself as Homer. Assuming French even knows what Homer looks like, is he ...
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Is Prairie an unreliable narrator?

In the hard-to-classify Neflix mystery/sciFi/supernatural series The OA, Prairie Johnson tells the story of her apparent disappearance for 7 years to a teacher and a group of school teenagers. As far ...
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