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For questions on 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' also known as Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, is a 1993 American stop-motion animated fantasy musical film directed by Henry Selick, and produced and conceived by Tim Burton.

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Was The Nightmare Before Christmas meant to be a Halloween or Christmas Movie?

When I first saw The Nightmare Before Christmas it was around during December when most series on free-to-air TV in Australia start to end for the year and take a break until near the end of January ...
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What is the meaning of the cop's words?

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, a cop says these words to the town citizens: it looks like Christmas will have to be canceled this year. How can a festival be canceled? I didn't understand ...
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Why is Oogie Boogie associated with gambling?

A lot of The Nightmare Before Christmas references different ideas in folklore - for example, Sally tells the future by blowing on a dandelion clock, and of course all the monsters are based on ...
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Is there a symbolic meaning behind the Spiral Hill in The Nightmare Before Christmas?

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, there is very prominent location inside the film where a major event happens. Jack expresses his boredom: Sally expresses her feelings: Sally and Jack reunite: ...
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What is the moral or message of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?

What is the moral or message of "The Nightmare Before Christmas"?
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How does the "Sandy Claws" mixup happen in "Nightmare Before Christmas"?

So, I'm re-watching The Nightmare Before Christmas, and despite whatever lies and exaggerations he tells the citizens of Halloween Town, Jack seems to genuinely believe that Santa Claws - or "Sandy ...
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How can Jack deliver such toys to the children?

In "The Nightmare Before Christmas," Jack wants to take over Christmas and bring a wonderful, joyous holiday to all the people of the "real world". He's been to Christmas town, and he's seen what ...
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Jack lying to the citizens of Halloween Town?

In "The Nightmare Before Christmas," when Jack is trying to explain Christmas to the citizens of Halloween Town, he ends up lying to them about "Sandy Claws" being a malevolent being. He does this to ...