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Why did the stopped Mexican man tell the police "I don't speak Spanish"?

Towards the end of the movie The Mule (2018), there is a moment where a Mexican is stopped by police as a suspected drug mule, and tells the police "I don't speak Spanish". I'm not American ...
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What "upstairs" is Earl referring to?

In The Mule (2018), after having lunch at Midwest, Earl suddenly bumps into the Sheriff. He gives him two cans of caramelized corn: Earl: I went to a charity and I got this caramelized corn. And it ...
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Why did Bald Rob want to cut Earl's truck?

In The Mule (2018), Earl drives his truck inside the garage of a tire shop and meets some men: Andres: Where do you want us to cut the compartment, huh? Under the seat? Earl: Do what to the ...
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Why was Earl's footsteps shown multiple times?

In The Mule, there were multiple instances where the camera specifically focused on Earl's footsteps, especially at the end (when Earl finally gets caught by DEA on the highway, and then, when he's ...
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