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2018 Action film directed by Jon Turteltaub. A marine biology expedition inadvertently releases a megalodon from the deep ocean.

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The Meg...what was spat out?

When the second Meg is killed, it appeared to me that the Meg spit out a shark. Was that a baby Meg for the sequel should this one do well?
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Is Pippin the dog a reference to the original Jaws film?

In The Meg, there is a scene where a dog named Pippin is swimming in the waters near where a shark is swimming. There was a scene in the original Jaws that included a dog named Pipit. Although you ...
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Why did a group of swimmers stay in one place in The Meg?

Near the end of The Meg, thousands of visitors are in the waters of Sanya Bay. Most are floating in colorful inner tubes. When they spot the giant shark, nearly all of them swim towards the beach in a ...
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