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A 2004 psychological thriller starring Christian Bale about a machinist suffering from insomnia and the effects this has on his social life.

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Who put the Hangman game on the refrigerator?

In The Machinist (2004), Trevor Reznik sees a piece of paper on the refrigerator with a game of Hangman, and he later tries to solve it. Who put it there?
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What is the relevance of this in The Machinist?

In the movie The Machinist, Ivan shows that he lost his fingers and they were replaced with his toes. Given Ivan was not real, what is the relevance of the toes replacing the fingers? Does it stand ...
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Guilt being the cause of Insomnia theme have any common basis from real life?

Insomnia and The Machinist both works with the theme of guilt being the cause of insomnia. But is it based on any real facts? Is there any recorded case of guilt being the cause of insomnia? Or is it ...
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Significance of Trevor's job as an industrial machinist

I am currently doing an analysis on the movie "The Machinist", which also includes an environmental analysis. I'm trying to figure out why Trevor is working as an industrial machinist at a factory. ...
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Explanation for the final scene of The Machinist

If Trevor finally goes to the police at the end of The Machinist to say that he did the accident and he goes to sleep in a jail cell, why does he drive again into a tunnel after a second?
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Why doesn't Trevor remember the hit and run?

It's clear that Trevor Reznik's insomnia in The Machinist is caused by the guilt of the hit and run - but why doesn't he remember such an event?
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How much he is going to serve in prison for his crime?

After Trevor Reznik reported himself to the police (as a criminal who killed a kid by accident in a hit-and-run case), how much jail time is he going to serve? I just need an assumption. I am from ...
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Did Trevor Reznik really go to the amusement park?

In The Machinist, we see Trevor Reznik go to the amusement park with Maria (the waitress) and Nicholas (her son). Trevor and Nicholas go on the Route 666 ride, and Nicholas has an epileptic fit. ...
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Was Trevor really insomniac for a year?

I've just recently watched The Machinist and in the whole movie only once I heard that Trevor Reznik said he hasn't slept for a year. Was this really the case or he just imagined he hasn't slept in a ...
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What is wrong with the bleach and the fish in the Machinist?

I notice that Trevor always cleaned his hands and toilet floor with bleach. He surely kept things clean at home that he always bought bleach, he kept several used toothbrushes to scrub his floor in ...
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How come Ivan exists in the Machinist?

Maria and Nicholas existed in Trevor's daily delusion because of his guilt about the past hit and run. But how come Ivan exists in his imagination? Are there any clues in movie that can prove Ivan'...
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Is there real connection between The Machinist and Dostoyevsky's books?

I've asked myself why the imaginary co-worker of Reznik in The Machinist (2004) is called Ivan, and why Reznik himself reads "The Idiot". According to Wikipedia, Ivan is reference to "The Brothers ...
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