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Questions tagged [the-leftovers]

An American drama series focusing on the lives of several characters after The Sudden Departure, an event in which 2% of the world's population disappears without explanation.

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What was Dean character trying to do by killing dogs?

The leftovers series left many questions in my mind. One of them is about Dean. We saw him wandering in Mapleton shooting dogs. Why was he doing that? Was he a sort of crazy person with radical ...
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6 answers

Can there be sunlight in Australia and Texas at the same time?

In the third season of The Leftovers, episode 3, there is a scene where Kevin Garvey, Sr. calls Matt Jamison from a pay phone outside of Melbourne, AU. Matt is in Miracle, TX, however both locations ...
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What's the purpose of the "Would you kill a baby if it would cure cancer" question?

In The Leftovers S03E04 "G'Day Melbourne", Nora Durst was asked a question by the physicists, Dr. Eden and Dr. Bekker to evaluate if Nora should be allowed to go into the LADR / Departure machine. ...
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Why did Kevin's dog run away?

In the last episode of season 2 (episode 10) of The Leftovers, Kevin Garvey gets his dog back but at some point the dog runs away and not seen again. This does not make any sense, as the dog was 100% ...
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Was Nora's departed Husband also Tom's Biological Father?

I was scratching my head about this one but I am trying to find out if I interpreted this scene correctly from Season 3 Episode 2 "Don't Be Ridiculous". Nora and Tom are talking in the car about him ...
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How do the guilty remnant get money?

The guilty remnant in The Leftovers have houses, cars for transport, food, pens, paper and money for smokes. Where do they get this as the members stop working once they join?
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