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4 votes
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Why are the bandsmen wearing black masks in The Last Emperor?

In a scene in the Last Emperor, when Puyi is singing 'Am I blue?', all members of his music band are Europeans but wearing black masks. Why?
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2 votes
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Why leaders are leaving in the middle of Pu-Yi's speech?

In the movie, "The Last Emperor EXTENDED", Why leaders are leaving from Pu-Yi's​ speech about Manchukuo? Pu-Yi: It is rooted in paternal trust, in... in the desire to preserve our ancient ...
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3 votes
0 answers

Significance/symbolism of toe-licking scene

In The Last Emperor, on the day of Pu Yi's inauguration as Emperor of Manchukuo, his wife the Empress goes a bit nutty. First she eats some white flowers. Then later Eastern Jewel starts licking her ...
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6 votes
3 answers

Was Johnston supposed to be speaking in Mandarin all the time?

The Last Emperor is mostly in English, but it is meant to be understood that this is simply being translated for the benefit of the movie viewer, usually from Mandarin (I think). Was Reginald Fleming ...
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18 votes
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Did the "Last Emperor" really find a live pet cricket when he returned to his throne in the Forbidden City?

In the 1987 film The Last Emperor, Pu Yi is removed from power and taken away from the Forbidden City. As a child, he had a pet cricket that he kept in a tiny cage in a secret compartment in his ...
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