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2006 American romantic drama about a man and woman falling in love with each other albeit being separated in time by 2 years, communicating through a magic time travel mailbox at a remote lake house. Starring Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves. Remake of the 2000 South Korean film Il Mare.

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Apparent paradox in time difference between Kate and Alex

I understand that The Lake House (2006) has a lot of paradox. I understand the time traveling thing, there is just one thing that I don’t understand. At the beginning of the movie, Alex and Kate are ...
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Why didn't Alex continue his pursuit of Kate after the party?

Impatient to meet Kate Forster after corresponding with her two years into the future, Alex Wyler eventually tracks down his 'present-day' Kate at her boyfriend's party but he doesn't mention their ...
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Wouldn't two years for him be two years for her as well?

In The Lake House, two separate times Kate asks Alex to wait two years so he'll be able to meet her. First at the restaurant, and then at the end when she saves him from getting hit by the bus. If he ...
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Who really designed The Lake House and under what considerations?

A major setting in The Lake House is the eponymous house at the shore of a lake in the middle of nowhere, where both Alex and Kate lived consecutively and which Alex's father designed and built for ...
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What is the meaning of skating scenes in The Lake House?

In "The Lake House", while Kate is waiting in the restaurant, that scene is interspersed with some skating. What does all this switching back and forth between Kate waiting in the restaurant and ...
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