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1982 American black comedy drama by Martin Scorsese starring Robret De Niro as an unsuccessful comedian trying to get a chance by any means possible.

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Was the success of Rupert Pupkin real in King of Comedy?

In the final scene of Martin Scorsese's 'King of Comedy' a news report suggests that Rupert Pupkin (played by Robert De Niro), after coming out of prison, becomes a sensation and releases his much ...
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What was the matter with the writer who didn't have an invitation to the show?

Nearing the end of King of Comedy, when the show that Rupert "bought" himself into starts, there's a writer with his family at the (back?) entrance, supposedly one of this evening's show guests. But ...
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Scene in Jerry's House in The King of Comedy

One of the funniest - and cringiest - scenes in The King of Comedy is the scene where Rupert visits Jerry's house uninvited, waits for him to get back, and ultimately gets kicked out by Jerry, which ...
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