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Why is Kaa evil in almost every single adaption of the Jungle Books?

In nearly every adaption of the Jungle Books Kaa the snake is evil and attempts to kill and eat Mowgli. Is there a specific reason for why directors/writers of the movies try to turn Kaa evil, in ...
4 votes
1 answer

When is the Jungle Book set?

I'm trying to arrange my DVDs in order of when they are set, and I was just wondering, when is the Jungle Book set? The book was written in 1892, but that seems too modern for the setting shown in ...
1 vote
1 answer

Songs overlap in the Jungle Book

What is the overlap in songs between the original 1967 version, and the Disney 2016 live-action version of the Jungle Book? (I.e which songs from the original appear in the new version?)