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Was Sean Parker in with the Italian Job Napster joke?

I just saw the Italian Job again and am wondering, was the real owner of Napster informed with the Napster founder joke?
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Why did Lyle say he "wanted to try" something he's been doing for years?

In The Italian Job, there's a scene where the crew is discussing the plan on a rooftop balcony in LA. CHARLIE: I want audio surveillance on his phone. LYLE: Oh, yeah, I been wanting to try something. ...
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What did Steve do with the people that helped him?

In The Italian Job (2003), Steve back-stabs his entire team after a successful heist and takes the gold for himself with the aid of another team (lets call them rip off team). Later he exclaims that ...
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How does Steve escape from the building in Venice

In the movie Italian Job, in Venice, after the explosion when the safe drops into the river below, Charlie, Left Ear and John submerge themselves in the water to crack open the safe. Handsome Rob and ...
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