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How could Tom have made "everything go away"?

In the movie The Invisible Man (2020), in the treatment center, Cecilia is visited by Adrian's brother, who claims that he can "make all this go away" if Cecilia agrees to have the baby and ...
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Why was H.G Wells not credited in The Invisible Man (2020)?

The core concept of The Invisible Man (2020) is based on the novel with the same name by H.G Wells. But he was ignored in the opening and closing credits. Why wasn't he credited?
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Why did Cecilia remove the leash on the dog?

In the opening scene of The Invisible Man, Cecilia escapes from home and removes the leash on the dog. Why so?
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Who was feeding Zeus the dog while Cecilia was away from the mansion?

In the 2020 movie The Invisible Man, after Adrian is declared dead, Cecilia, over a course of an unknown time period, visits a lawyer to settle her inheritance celebrates her freedom with Sydney and ...
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Is the Invisible Man present in these scenes?

In The Invisible Man (2020), the audience is not always aware if Adrian is present or not in the scene, for obvious reasons. However, we learn later that: So I assume Adrian was in most scenes, ...
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Why doesn't Cecilia think the police will be suspicious?

At the end of The Invisible Man (2020), The movie implies she'll get away with it because there is supposedly incontrovertible evidence that he did it to himself. But by this point, don't the ...
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How were the police manipulated in The Invisible Man?

In The Invisible Man (2020), Cecilia is getting notified that Adrian committed suicide. Later we find out that Adrian is alive, although he was considered dead. How did he manipulate the police?
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