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2004 Pixar animated film about Super Heroes forced to live ordinary lives.

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How is Elastigirl able to (attempt to) transmit to Nomanisan Air Traffic Control?

In the original Incredibles (2004) Elastigirl attempts contact with an air traffic control tower as she's trying to land on Nomanisan Island, initially to request directions to the island's airport: ...
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Was Mirage (Syndrome's assistant) an innocent dupe - or complicit in murdering supers in "The Incredibles"?

In The Incredibles (2004), it is clearly established that the female character Mirage willingly serves as the "main bad guy's" (Syndrome's) executive secretary / right-hand woman. (It is ...
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How did Incredimobile know this?

In 2018's Incredibles 2, The incredible family moves to a "new house" offered by Winston Deavor after making a partnership with Elastigirl. So, they've got a new house and a new address. When Evelyn ...
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Why was there a 14 year gap between The Incredibles and The Incredibles 2?

The Incredibles was made in 2004. In the ending it was clearly shown that Pixar is going to make a second part. But Incredibles 2 appeared only in 2018, after 14 years. What caused such big delay? Was ...
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Do I need to see The Incredibles to understand Incredibles 2?

I want to show Incredibles 2 to my girlfriend, but she hasn't seen the first one. Does she need to see it first? Or maybe, what information from the first part is necessary to understand the second?
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Why didn't the guns pop up in Incredibles 2?

In the The Incredibles, when EDNA takes in Elastigirl to show the suits details, the guns pop up. But in Incredibles 2, when she takes in Bob and Jack-Jack, the guns ...
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Why is everyone surprised by Jack-Jack's powers?

During the scenes in Incredibles 2 where Bob is looking after Jack-Jack he is surprised to discover that the toddler has powers and, later, Helen is also surprised to discover he has powers. But Jack-...
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How come Helen Parr wasn't smart enough to realize how blatantly unsafe the family's super suits are?

In The Incredibles, Edna Mode presents to Elastigirl (Helen Parr) the super suits that she designed for the family. Some machines demonstrate that the suits are fire-resistant, bulletproof, explosion-...
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Did Edna already know about Jack-Jack's powers?

In The Incredibles, when Helen goes to ask Edna about where her husband Bob disappeared to, Edna assumes Helen has come to inspect the Supersuits for the entire family. We see that each suit is ...
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How do the Incredibles put on their suits?

The Incredibles' super suits are one-piece, so how do they put them on? Do they have to stick their bodies feet-first through the neck hole? Is there a hidden zipper somewhere?
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Why was Spencer Fox replaced by Huck Milner as Dashiell "Dash" Parr in Incredibles 2?

Incredibles 2 is released and I noticed that Huck Milner did the voice for Dashiell "Dash" Parr in the movie. In the first film The Incredibles, Spencer Fox was the one to voice the character. Why ...
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How does Gazerbeam find out the password to Syndrome's plan?

In The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible finds out what Syndrome's plan is by logging on to his computer with the password "KRONOS" which he discovers with a little post-mortem help by Gazerbeam: But how ...
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Why does Buddy Pine call himself Syndrome?

Buddy Pine, the villain from The Incredibles, goes by the name Syndrome. But it's not really clear why. Many of the other superheroes have names that are either fitting their abilities (e.g. ...
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Why does Syndrome's robot turn against him?

During the finale of The Incredibles when Syndrome has his robot attack the city he poses to fight it, but actually controlling it with his remote on his arm. But then the robot suddenly shoots at the ...
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Why in "The Incredibles" is the usually-realistic gravity sometimes WAY too strong?

I'm a big fan of the Pixar movie The Incredibles. I especially love the animation. However, there's one point I've been wondering about: the strength of gravity. Unlike some other styles of animation,...
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Does Elastigirl leave her baby in the car by himself?

Notice during the “tack scene” in the principal’s office, Helen is not holding Jack Jack: Then, in the next scene, while Dash is begging to play sports, Jack Jack is quietly sitting in the back seat: ...
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