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Why does Incredible Hulk TV series end up so abruptly? [closed]

This is about the 70s show. When you watch the last episode, something feels wrong, it doesn't look like an ending at all. Rather, something they decided to make as ending at last minute. So, what ...
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CBS, Capes and Pigeonholing?

For Comic-book to live action adaptations, the 1970's presents a few notable milestones of which Today's Superhero Media empires lineage can be traced. Remarkably, CBS retains the highest pedigree ...
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Why was Banner's first name and profession changed for the 1978 television series?

In the comic books, Banner's character is named Bruce Banner (from what I have read, "Robert Bruce Banner", though I'm not a diehard enough fan to know the origin of that) and he is a physicist. I ...
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