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2014 film directed by Morten Tyldum. Showing the World War II story of Alan Turing at Bletchley Park attempting to break the German Enigma code.

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How does Turing's dialogue about lying connect to the decision to let the passenger convoy sink?

Do you know why people like violence, Hugh? It's because it feels good. Sometimes we can't do what feels good. We have to do what is logical. - What's logical? Hardest time to lie to somebody is when ...
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How did Alan Turing have access to decrypted Enigma messages?

In The Imitation Game, we see that when Alan Turing climbs into Joan's room, he has in his hands actual decrypted Enigma messages "direct from Nazi high command". How did Alan have access to ...
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Why was a newspaper crossword puzzle used to find prospective code-breakers?

Anyone familiar with newspaper crossword puzzles knows that anyone with even only a modicum of intelligence can solve even the most difficult puzzles, given a little perseverance / (years of) practice....
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Why is Alan against preventing the first attack after breaking enigma?

In the scene from The Imitation Game, where they are able to crack engima, Alan convinces his teammates to not prevent the next attack. He says something like: ...
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How did Alan Turing break the Enigma code using the hint given by the lady in the bar?

"Heil Hitler" can these two words help in breaking the most sophisticated machine of that time in The Imitation Game (2014)?
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Why did they say Beale Cipher

In the Film Imitation Game, Commander Denniston has found news of a Soviet Spy working at Bletchley Park, which they've managed to track back to Hut 8, the room in which Alan Turing works, so he has ...
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How does the title 'The Imitation Game' justify the story of the movie?

Alan Turing's biopic is entitled as 'The Imitation Game'. In this movie what has actually been imitated?
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How are Turing and Christopher's messages in The Imitation Game encrypted?

I'm partway through watching The Imitation Game, the biopic about Alan Turing. In the scenes depicting Turing's childhood, Turing and Christopher exchange notes/letters, which they first encrypt to ...
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The Imitation Game - 10 men checking one setting a minute [duplicate]

In the movie when Cumberbatch said the following phrase There are 159 million, million, million possible Enigma settings. All we had to do was try each one. But if we had 10 men checking one ...
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What is the significance of the conversation between Menzies and Turing in the movie The Imitation Game?

In the scene where they both talk in Joan's house, when Turing reveals that Cairncross was the spy, why does the MI6 agent (Mark Strong) take it lightly? He says something regarding that he placed him ...
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Why was Turing told that his fiance was in jail?

In The Imitation Game (2014), why did Menzies tell Turing that his fiancée is in jail? Turing said something, and the guy said she's not in jail, she's out shopping. What was the information that ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Is this a mistake in The Imitation Game?

In explaining how hard it is to crack the code of the Enigma machine, Cumberbatch' character says in The Imitation Game: There are 159 million, million, million possible Enigma settings. All we had ...
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What gave Caincross away in the Imitation Game?

In the Imitation Game (2014), Alan Turing finds out that his associate John Caincross is a Soviet spy after reading a passage bookmarked in the Bible. I know it was explained earlier, but what was it ...
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Which book about encryption did Christopher give Alan when he was a child?

In one of the flashbacks in The Imitation Game that show Alan's childhood, Christopher gave him a book about encryption. What is the name of that book?
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2 answers

How do they know the contents of the morning weather report message before they break the code?

In The Imitation Game there's this 'aha' moment where they realize IF they know the contents of the morning weather report they can use that to break the enigma. They can use the common phrases found ...
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25 votes
4 answers

Why does the term "CILLY" begin at the start of every message in "The Imitation Game"?

In the movie The Imitation Game, Alan Turing has a Eureka moment when he learns from a woman that one particular German begins every message that he sends out with the term "CILLY". From what I ...
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Significance of Matthew 7:7 in Imitation Game

I don't understand how the Bible passage (Matthew 7.7) let Alan Turing to identify the Russian spy on the team in The Imitation Game. Can anyone explain (in some detail?)
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How did the machine work before this realisation?

Perhaps this would fit the History SE or another, but I'm asking here because I don't know how historically accurate the film is. In the film The Imitation Game, Alan Turing's team has created a ...
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