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"The Ides of March" is a 2011 US political drama film by George Clooney.

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Why it is called "The Ides of March"?

When I search the words The Ides of March it gives me the assassination day of Julius Caesar. But the movie's plot is related to political drama. Why it is called "The Ides of March"?
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Ending scene of The Ides of March

What is the meaning of the ending scene in the movie The Ides of March Does Stephen Meyers reveal the true story as a reply to the interviewer's question? If yes, why does he do that? There wasn't ...
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What's the meaning of the scene when governor's wife carries eight cups of coffee during the speech of Governor Morris in Ides of March?

At time 1:29:30 you can see a woman (Cindy Morris, governor's wife) carrying eight cups of coffee, whilst in the background you can hear the Governor's speech. My question is what's the meaning/...
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