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2020 satirical movie about elites hunting a dozen people for sport

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How did Crystal get her gag off?

In the early scenes of the heavily ironic and satirical movie The Hunt, a group of "deplorables" wake up in a field wearing gags in their mouths. They are to be hunted by a group of "...
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5 votes
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Is the rabbit real?

In The Hunt (2020), we see a jackrabbit which appears when Crystal is dying: Is there any way to know if the rabbit is real, or just her imagination? The answer has a big impact, in my opinion, on ...
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Do we know for sure that The Hunt had never happened before?

The controversially delayed 2020 movie The Hunt depicts an event where a bunch of rich liberals appear to kidnap a bunch of "deplorables" (with alt-right views expressed on social media) and then hunt ...
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