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The Hunt a.k.a. Jagten is a 2012 Danish drama film about a man who becomes the target of mass hysteria after being wrongly accused of sexually abusing a child.

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Why did the little girl lie about Lucas?

In The Hunt (2012) I didn't understand why the little girl told lies about Lucas. Is it just a random thing?
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Who killed Fanny the dog and threw the stone?

In Jagten (The Hunt), who killed Fanny (the dog) and threw the stone? (Or is it meant to be unresolved?) There seem to have been two suggestions that it was Theo (and possibly wife who did it): ...
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Where's Nadja from?

In Jagten (The Hunt), where's Nadja (the girlfriend who speaks halting Danish and is better at English) supposed to be from?
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How did they shoot the snow scenes in The Hunt?

How did they shoot the snow scenes in The Hunt? Did they use real snow, or is that a specific trick to fake it during the shooting?
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Is the shooter's face revealed in the Danish film Jagten? [duplicate]

The Danish movie Jagten (2012), a.k.a The Hunt, ends with Mads Mikelsen escaping from a shooter. I remember that when I saw the movie, they had shown the shooter to be his son. But according to the ...
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Who fired the shot and what is the symbolism in firing shot right next to Lucas at the end of the movie?

At the end of The Hunt (orig.: Jagten), during the deer hunt, there’s a shot fired right next to Lucas (deliberately missing the shot). Who fired the shot? Is it Theo's son? What is the meaning of ...
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