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2009's American comedy film, about four friends who travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party but the next day they lost the groom and doesn't have the memory of last night.

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Why did Alan name the baby Carlos?

In The Hangover movie, why did Alan name the baby Carlos? The conversation in the elevator: Woman: What’s his name? Phil: Ben Alan: Carlos Phil and Stu: Carlos? After seeing the baby's mom: ...
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Relation between Wild Hogs and Hangover

I recently watched 'Wild Hogs(2007)', felt there are a few similarities with 'The Hangover (2009)': 4 friends go on a trip, where one lies to his wife (Ed Helms and Martin Lawrence) Both of them have ...
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How did Dr. Stu Price lose his tooth in The Hangover?

In the morning after the big blackout in The Hangover, Dr. Stu Price realized that he was missing a tooth. How did Dr. Stu lose his tooth? Did they talk about the lost tooth in a later part of the ...
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Where did the chicken come from?

During the photo-montage end credit sequence for the 2009 comedy hit, The Hangover, some light is shed on many of the unexplained occurrences that happened during that lost night. However, I do not ...
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