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At the beginning of The Green Knight what is the significance of the burning building

The Green Knight opens up with a shot with a building burning in the background. It is not referenced anywhere in the film. What is the significance of this?
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What is the significance of St. Winifred saying that the Green Knight is someone Gawain knows?

In The Green Knight (2021), as Gawain was returning St. Winifred's skull, her decapitated head apparated, startling Gawain, causing him to drop her skull. St. Winifred (or her decapitated head) then ...
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Why does Gawain leave his sword behind?

Gawain uses his sword to cut the ropes and free himself. Then he appears to be running around without the sword. Why?! PS. I understand that he is somewhat of a moron, but leaving an excellent weapon ...
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