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The Great British Bakeoff is a UK cookery show where contestants compete in a series of challenges which are then judged by celebrity bakers.

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Why are the first three seasons of the Great British Bake-Off missing on Netflix USA?

The Great British Bakeoff currently has 7 full seasons with the 8th one being filmed currently. However, on Netflix there's only four seasons, with the original seasons 1, 2, and 3 missing. Has ...
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How do they keep the identity of the winner secret?

The Great British Bake-Off is filmed in the summer and aired in the autumn. The final episode reveals the winner at a large garden party, yet the identity of the winner remains secret until the show ...
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How far ahead is The Great British Bakeoff filmed?

There has been some controversy over the last week about about a Baked Alaska disaster where one of the contestants accidentally removed another's ice cream from the freezer. Following this he decided ...
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How much planning time do the contestants have?

In the TV show The Great British Bake Off, contestants are set a number of challenges. For example in the final they had to create: A picnic pie Two types of pretzels A wedding cake A lot of the ...
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