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Where did Skeletor's blade come from?

In The 1st Purge, there is a creepy scary guy named Skeletor, who is played by Rotimi Paul. Near the beginning of movie, one of the main characters, Isaiah, who is selling drugs, is attacked by him ...
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Why do some people not wear contact lenses during purge night in The First Purge?

I realised not all people on the island in The First Purge wear contact lenses but want to commit the purge, like Dimitri. Why is that?
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The First Purge: whistleblowers

I just finished watching The First Purge. And while I enjoyed its social commentary I couldn't help to notice one thing that was bugging me. It was pretty evident that there was a large amount of ...
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Were any restricted guns used in The First Purge?

In the purge announcement, it states, "all weapons grade 4 and below have been authorized". Were there any weapons that were above grade 4 that were used in The First Purge?
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