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Created and written by Allan Cubitt, produced by Artists Studio, The Fall is a British-Irish crime drama television series filmed and set in Northern Ireland.

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2 answers

Intentions behind Spector's actions in the finale of season three?

Let's go to the end. This post may contain spoilers. I wonder about the end of the series. The last episode seems to close every possible aspect and doubt about the series. Why did Spector decide to ...
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How did they shoot that scene in "The Fall"?

Here is the scene of The Fall I am talking about. It's from the first episode in the first season, in fact within the first ten minutes actually. Here the character pulls of a mask and the camera is ...
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What's the symbolism behind "The Frog Prince" fairy tale?

In the penultimate scene of the last episode of the third season of The Fall Rose is reading the The Frog Prince fairy tale to her daughter. It's the original version of the fairy tale, where the frog ...
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What was Paul trying to achieve by lying to his wife in the final episode of the first season?

When Sally Ann confronted Paul in The Fall S01E05 about the real reason of his late night absences in home he lied to her about having an affair with Katie. In my understanding he (later) started the ...
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6 votes
2 answers

Rose's message in the season two finale of The Fall

Note: series 2 finale spoilers ahead! When Stella finally finds Rose in the series finale of The Fall, the medical examiners reveal that she has carved I Love Yu (I will assume it is supposed to be I ...
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