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Questions tagged [the-exorcist]

1973's American horror film based on 1971's novel of the same name. Had a significant influence on popular culture.

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How did the demon know Jesus Christ in The Exorcist?

In the 1973 film The Exorcist a little girl is possessed by an Ancient Mesopotamian deity called Pazuzu. Priests gather around the girl and start to read the Bible and pour holy water on the girl. But ...
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Was Damien Karras’ death date in Exorcist III intentional, or was it an oversight?

In the movie The Exorcist III, Damien Karras is referred to a couple of times as having died in 1975, once in dialogue and once in this snapshot of his gravestone at the end of the movie. The first ...
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Why does the man say “evil against evil”?

In the first part of The Exorcist, a man writing in a book says to Father Marin, “evil against evil, huh father?” And then the clock on the wall stops ticking. Why does the man say this?
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Is Pazuzu from "The Exorcist" a fallen angel or a demon god

Is Pazuzu from the horror movie "The Exorcist" really the same demon god in Ancient Assyrian mythology or is he just a typical Judeo-Christian fallen angel? I kind of find it weird that the two ...
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Why did Pazuzu not possess Regan after Damien got killed?

At the end of The Exorcist, when Father Damien got possessed and killed himself, why didn't Pazuzu enter Regan's body again?
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Who placed the crucifix under Regan's pillow in The Exorcist?

In "The Exorcist", Regan's mother Chris finds a crucifix under the girl's pillow and asks each member of the household staff if they placed the crucifix there. Is it revealed anywhere in the film how ...
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Why does the demon that possesses Regan react to the “fake” holy water?

In The Exorcist, why does the demon that possesses Regan react to the “fake” holy water sprinkled by Father Karras? It’s hard to believe that the demon mistakes the tap water for water blessed by a ...
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