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Why does d'Hubert save Feraud?

When d'Hubert learns that Feraud is awaiting execution in The Duellists, he approaches Fouche to take Feraud's name off the execution list- but why, when he could've let him be put to death and gotten ...
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Are the characters and actions of The Duellists reflecting the broader historical context?

Riddley Scott's feature film debut The Duellists follows the repeated encounters and duels of two French officers throughout the Napoleonic Wars. And while I couldn't help but see Napoleon Bonaparte ...
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What did the Cossack utter towards the two men in "The Duellists"?

There is a point in The Duellists where in Russia, they are about to duel each other with pistols. They are interrupted by a Cossack who spews some words at them. What did he say?
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