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The Dark Tower is a 2017 American science fantasy action western film directed and co-written by Nikolaj Arcel based on Stephen King's novels: NOTE - DO NOT USE FOR QUESTIONS ON THE FOLLOW-UP TV SERIES

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Did the Dark Tower movie adapt the whole Dark Tower book series?

In the Dark Tower book series there are 8 books and I was wondering if the movie is covering all of them or if it is only the first one and there will be a movie for every book like in Harry Potter.
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Why did Walter O'Dim's henchmen not ambush Jake at his house?

In The Dark Tower, the evil forces of Matthew McConaughey try to capture the main protagonist across different planets. At one point, they find his apartment and murder his relatives who are living ...
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In The Dark Tower, how is it that everyone speaks modern English?

During the course of the film the protagonists travel between multiple worlds and encounter numerous people in vastly different environments. How is it that everyone speaks the same modern English ...
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What were the creatures helping the Man in Black?

In The Dark Tower (2017) there are a bunch of furry creatures that are helping the Man in Black destroy the tower. They usually wear some sort of disguise to pass as human. What are these creatures, ...
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