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Questions tagged [the-crown]

Netflix's Web series "The Crown" - the political rivalries and romance of Queen Elizabeth II's reign and the events that shaped the second half of the 20th century.

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Why do people show their backs to The Queen all the time in The Crown?

I've heard that you should never show your backside to the Queen. That means that leaving the room you walk backwards, and so on. Yet in The Crown the vast majority of characters, and not just the ...
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Prince Philip's knife holding

In S5 E6 of The Crown, ca. 23m44s, Prince Philip (played by Jonathan Pryce) is shown eating with the handle of his knife resting on top of his hand, as opposed to 'inside', covered by his hand. I ...
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Are public speeches in The Crown accurate?

The Crown tries to present a dramatisation of Queen Elizabeth's rise into power (or rather, the early years, at least in the first two seasons, I am aware that it will jump into a later period in ...
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Why Prime minister Churchill hates his portrait?

In the ninth episode of the first season of Netflix's The Crown, Graham Sutherland paints Churchill's portrait as an 80th birthday gift from Parliament, but Prime Minister Churchill hates that ...
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Mrs. Thatcher and South Africa’s sanctions

In The Crown, season 4, The Prime Minster refuses to sign a document towards sanctions in South Africa. The Queen was rather insistent that this was really important for the commonwealth. what are ...
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Who's The Queen's favourite child?

In The Crown's "Favourites" (S04E04) Prince Philip tells The Queen that she has an obvious favourite child, and she sets on a quest to figure it out. She has lunch with each of their ...
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