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Use this tag for questions which directly relate to the Swedish/Danish TV show "The Bridge", (also known as "Bron/Broen") a joint production by SVT and DR. If using this tag to ask a question about one of the numerous remakes, please make clear in the question which specific remake is being discussed.

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Why are 'The Bridge', 'The Tunnel' and 'The Pass' so similar?

I recently noticed, that the series The Bridge (2011), The Tunnel (2013) and Pagan Peak (2018) begin very similar. Is that just a coincidence? Similarities I noticed: the title, duh; a dead body is ...
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Why is the killer in Bridge season 3 shown appearing to have a revelation about the killings

Why is there a scene showing the killer, Emil Larson, appearing to have a revelation about the connection between the killings and works of art being exhibited in the gallery where he is employed? He ...
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Bron/Broen Season 1 Goran's body in open casket

In the Swedish/Danish TV series Bron/Broen (aka "The Bridge" ) Charlotte took Goran's daughter to certain building where open casket/coffin with Goran's body was surrounded by candles. Was it public ...
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Motivation of the murderer in Season 3

Having watched season three of TV series Bron aka Broen aka The Bridge, I am not able to comprehend why Emil Larsson killed his first victim, Helle Anker. She was a bearer of sperm of Freddie Holst (...
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Is it ever confirmed, or at the very least strong insinuated, that Saga has Asperger syndrome?

In the Swedish/Danish TV series Bron/Broen ("The Bridge"), the lead female character Saga Noren lacks certain social skills. She takes comments extremely literally, for the most part lacks emotion, ...
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Why didn't Martin have to go to jail?

At the last episode of season 1 of The Bridge, Martin shoots the innocent girl on live-tv. He had to because he wanted to know more about his son, if he was still alive or not. But this is still ...
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Do Saga and Martin speak Danish, Swedish or both?

In the Swedish/Danish TV series Bron/Broen (aka "The Bridge"), when Saga (from Sweden) and Martin (from Denmark) are together, what language do they speak? How about other characters? We don't speak ...
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