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A movie from 1980 about an ex-con and his brother put their band back together to save the Catholic home where they were raised.

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Why is Jake Blues in jail at the start of the Blues Brothers?

In the open scenes of the Blues Brothers (1980), we see Jake Blues paroled from jail for good behavior. Is it ever explained, in this movie, or the sequel, or in any other media, why he had been ...
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How did Elwood know that the Illinois police force were in the audience?

In the final scene of The Blues Brothers, Elwood one of the blues brothers, gives the following speech: We're so glad to see so many of you lovely people here tonight. And we would especially like to ...
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In "The Blues Brothers", what is the significance of the food order?

In The Blues Brothers, Jake orders four whole fried chickens and Elwood orders dry white toast. My best guess on why Jake orders the chicken is a reference to the song “Back Door Man” (“...I eat more ...
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Why is Carrie Fisher's car damaged in The Blues Brothers?

In The Blues Brothers, we see Carrie Fisher's character seeking revenge on Jake Blues, driving a pink 1977 Pontiac Grand Prix. It seems to have some damage to the front, especially the tip of the ...
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Why do the Blues Brothers have their names tattooed on their fingers?

Jake and Elwood Blues both have their names tattooed on their fingers, as established in the opening scenes of The Blues Brothers. Tattoos like these are called knuckle tattoos, even though the ...
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Why does The Blues Brothers open with shots of heavy industry?

The 1980 film The Blues Brothers opens with aerial shots of heavy industry and pollution, almost a dystopia, before fading to the Joliet Correction Center, showing the release of Jake. Why does the ...
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What happened to Curtis?

In "The Blues Brothers", when Jake and Elwood are escaping through the trapdoor they wave to Curtis and then after that we never see him again for the rest of the Film and he's not even mentioned. ...
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Why did Elwood trade a Cadillac for a microphone?

Early in The Blues Brothers, Jake turns to Elwood and asks: Jake: What's this? Elwood: What? Jake: This car. This stupid car! Where's the Cadillac? (beat) The Caddy! Where's the Caddy? Elwood: The ...
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Why are all the Blues Brothers Band members jailed?

In the final scene of The Blues Brothers we see the band that is playing Jailhouse Rock in the jail's dining hall. In the movie we see that the police is chasing only Jack and Elwood, not the entire ...
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How many police/SWAT team/soldiers/nazis/cowboys are there in the final chase scene?

I was watching the Blues Brothers recently and I was wondering how many people were there chasing Elwood and Jake in the final chase scene, including the army, police and swat teams, soldiers and ...
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Is Ferris Bueller's Day Off intentionally inspired by Blues Brothers?

I saw Blues Brothers (1980) for the first time last night and I couldn't help but see many parallels between it and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). Both plots feature an adventure in the city of ...
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