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The Blacklist (2013) is a crime TV series produced by John Brokenkamp, featuring Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen, an FBI-profiler, and James Spader as Raymond Reddington, a criminal on the FBI's most-wanted list, working together to bring down other high profile criminals.

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Why was Arioch Cain on the list instead of Wendigo?

In the fifth episode of the third season of The Blacklist, the person on the list is #50, Arioch Cain. Elizabeth Keen is targeted by Wendigo, a vigilante / bounty hunter who kills his victims out of ...
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Is Raymond Reddington actually Elizabeth Keens father?

I just watched the last episode of season 5 of The Blacklist. I don't quite understand how the DNA test from season 4 could come out as true if the imposter Raymond Reddington isn't actually her ...
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