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For questions relating to the TV Series that ran from 1983 - 1987 involving a group of Vientman veterans on the run for a "crime they did not commit" and operating as a mercenary unit. For questions relating to the movie, Please use the tag "a-team-2010".

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What was the name of the mysterious organization they sometimes referred to?

In the TV show the The A-Team, there was a mysterious organization they sometimes referred to. I can't remember if they worked for that organization but it was called something a bit like "The ...
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How was the A-Team funded?

According to the Wikipedia article on The A-Team: The A-Team was an American action-adventure television series that ran on NBC from 1983 to 1987 about former members of a fictitious United States ...
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Why did "The A-Team" movie not use the original TV series theme song?

I've also seen this kind of situation in the Miami Vice and Starsky & Hutch movies. The producers didn't use the original TV series theme song for the movie. Is there any legal reason for this?
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What is H. M. Murdock's full name?

The initials in H. M. Murdock are a backronym to "Howling Mad". But that is clearly not his actual given name. Wikipedia (see link) only states several occasions where his name was not ...
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How does one hire "The A-Team"

[Archived source] The A-Team intro says: ... If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire... the A-Team. The A-Team is on the run from the military ...
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