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Questions tagged [terminology]

Terms, definitions of terms, and clarification of terms used in the film industry.

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Film technique at movie's end: summary of future events

Is there a name for text - mostly at a film's conclusion - that gives a summary of events that follow? For example, at the end of Savage Messiah (2002) there appears writing on the screen that ...
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Is there a name for a film in the style of a picaresque novel?

According to Wikipedia, a picaresque novel depicts the adventures of a roguish, but "appealing hero", of low social class, who lives by his wits in a corrupt society: A picaresque narrative is ...
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Does this device used to create suspense have a name?

Sometimes films will create suspense by having the audience along with character not know whether or not another character knows a secret. And if the character does actually know the secret, it would ...
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Does David Lynch's eerie atmosphere (closer to german "Unheimlich"), have a definition and clear origin?

One aspect that all of lynch's films have is that eerie feeling that something is not quite right, but I find that atmosphere to be different from pure surrealism. Did Lynch start this? Or does it ...
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Is there a term for actors rehearsing lines in a different accent?

I've seen a few examples of actors rehearsing a scene, but in different accents to their own. In Shaun of the Dead, Simon Pegg and Peter Serafinowicz pretend to be John Lennon and Paul McCartney. ...
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What's the terminology for such presentation in movie?

As in the movie, Malena, Renado's thought is presented by a film in the movie. (He was watching a film in/inside the movie, and the film revealed his thought.) And this kind of presentation is used ...
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Is there an industry specific term for hard backed movie posters?

I'm trying to find the value of a movie poster (for Gladiator, not that it matters...) and it's unlike any other poster I've ever seen. Most posters I've ever had were printed on paper and rolled into ...
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