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Were all of the "good" terminators played by Arnold Schwarzenegger completely separate machines?

Speaking specifically about the live action terminator movies in which Arnold Schwarzenegger played a Terminator fighting on the side of humanity, were each of these machines completely separate ...
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How did Dani-commander know of Carl?

In Terminator: Dark Fate, Dani-commander in 2042 arranged for Carl's GPS coordinates to be burned on Grace's body (before sending her back in 2020) and told her to go there in case she needed help. ...
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Why is it necessary to prevent Skynet from killing young John Connor?

We see in Terminator: Dark Fate that John is killed in the 1990s, some years after the events of Judgment Day. So if it has been done, who is the John in Terminator: Rise of the Machines, Salvation ...
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Was Dani's role meant to be a big reveal?

I live in Portugal, where movies are subtitled and where the Portuguese language uses gendered pronouns (for example, a male commander is referred to as o comandante and a female commander is referred ...
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Why did they time travel here?

In Terminator: Dark Fate both Grace and the Terminator travel back in time but their destinations were dozens of feet above ground causing both to fall. Assuming that their time machines can ...
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Why was Terminator: Dark Fate marketed as "...the day after Judgment Day"?

The tagline for Terminator: Dark Fate was... "Welcome to the day after Judgment Day" ...appearing on the posters and a similar reference in trailers. Due to this, I expected the film to ...
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How did the model 101 know when and where Legion terminators were going to appear?

Legion and Skynet are two separate AIs, so while I understand that the 101 that killed John Connor no longer had to obey it's mission after Skynet was erased from future existence, I don't see how one ...
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Why does Grace crash after the fight scenes?

In Terminator: Dark Fate, we see a couple episodes of Grace "crashing", i.e. her metabolism consuming so much to supply muscles with energy and strength that there's no glucose storage left, runs low ...
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