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Did Louis Gossett Jr. and Eddie Murphy break the fourth wall in this Season 8 SNL skit?

The caption for the SNL video Black Stereotype Sketch reads: Louis Gossett Jr. and Eddie Murphy refuse to continue a stereotypical black father/son sketch and confront the writer saying they loved ...
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What is the difference between "Cable TV" and "Network TV" in the US?

As a person who doesn't live in the US, but has consumed a lot of US media, I have over the years seen many references to the differences between "Cable" and "Network" TV. Now a ...
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Unusual for show to be on both HBO and CNN; and what exactly does "linear CNN" even mean?

I'm not a heavy television-watcher or consumer of cable content and though I hear of it often have little experience with streaming media. When it comes to CNN content I usually wait for the 2 to 20 ...
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How exactly were the Alfred Hitchcock Presents/Hour episodes broadcast originally in the USA?

I know for sure that they were shot on film, but that's where my facts stop. I'm wondering how they technically ended up in the television sets of the watchers in their original runs. I'm talking ...
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Were certain M.A.S.H. characters removed due to moral issues?

I noticed that three characters of MASH series changed to different ones around fourth seson. Thats is: Frank Burnes, John Macintyre and Henry Blake. Some of the actors said some reasons why they ...
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If Sweden didn't have commercial TV channels until the late 1980s, how can these TV commercials from the 1960s and 1970s exist?

Lately, I've been watching a bunch of Swedish-language TV commercials from the late 1960s and 1970s. Here is an example from 1969: What confuses me about this is that ...
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Why isn't there a Power Book I?

I've seen adverts for Power Book II: Ghost. When I try to find Power Book I, there isn't one. When I search "Power Book" on IMDb, it mentions II, III, IV, and V, but not I. Is there a reason ...
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