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A man must fight for his life, as well as the lives' of his ex-wife and daughter, when human traffickers seek revenge on him due to his actions when saving his kidnapped daughter in the first movie Taken.

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Did Liam Neeson use exact science in order to know his location?

This is how Bryan Mills knew his location in Taken 2, so lets not discuss that as it's discussed in a previous question. I want to know if he used exact sciences, did the director hire some ...
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How did Bryan find his ex-wife in Taken 2?

How did Bryan find the ambush his ex-wife was taken to? He remembered all the things to find the first place he and his wife were taken and suddenly he found his wife. How is that possible?
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What's so important about the teddy bear in Taken 2?

In taken 2 there is a scene where they capture and torture Jean-Claude for information on Liam Neeson's whereabouts. At first he refuses and says he will never tell until they bring out a teddy bear. ...
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How much in Taken 2 was actually filmed in Istanbul?

In Taken 2, the characters end up in Istanbul. In the film we end up seeing quite a bit of a market and surrounding buildings. Were any of the scenes actually filmed in Istanbul? If so, which ones?
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Did Bryan have two separate hotel rooms?

I am somewhat confused as to what happens in the hotel. The bad guys go to the girl's room, but don't find her. They then go to her dad's room, but didn't find her in there but see the open window. ...
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How did Liam Neeson know his location in Taken 2?

In Taken 2 when Bryan Mills/Liam Neeson, was kidnapped, and calling Kim/Maggie Grace from his locked cell. He asked her to draw 2 circles, according to the map chart: One of 3 km from the hotel, ...
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