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Who is Susie's mother to Mother Suspiriorum?

Major spoilers There is much debate as to whether Susie was Mother Suspiriorum all along, became her at some point or emerged from within her. However, what I find more perplexing is the role of Susie'...
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What does Madam Blanc look at?

This question is regarding Suspiria 2018. At about 2hrs into the film, Suzy is sitting with the rest of the girls at the restaurant, she & Blanc staring at each other. Blanc's gaze slightly ...
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Why the prevalence of Tilda Swinton?

The 2018 version of Suspiria has Tilda Swinton not only play Madame Blanc, but also Mother Markos and, more prominently, Dr. Klemperer. Now while Mother Markos doesn't appear much in the story and it'...
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What's the importance of the plane hijacking to the plot of Suspiria (2018)?

In Suspiria (2018) the story is set in 1977 and the news of the Lufthansa 181 hijacking is seen throughout the whole movie, with people protesting on the streets and news on radio and TV. But I fail ...
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Why does this happen in the end of Suspiria?

In the 2018 movie Suspiria, we see that Mother Suspiriorum kills everyone in the school at the end. Aren't the witches in the school worshiping the three mothers? If that where the case, what is ...
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What dance style was in Suspiria (2018)?

The harsh, deliberate (don’t know if those are the proper descriptors) style of the dance sequences added a great deal to the atmosphere of the 2018 version of Suspiria for me. I assume it's some type ...
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