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All the casualties of the Gas attack on Superman Return universe hinted in crisis

In Batwoman S01E09 aka Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Two, we see that Superman Return version of Clark had a big loss in a gas attack (supposedly by Joker): and we do see some casualty names ...
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How Could Superman Lift the Oceanliner Out of the Water While He Was Surrounded by Kryptonite?

In Superman Returns (2006), Lex Luthor creates a chain reaction where crystals take on the biological makeup of Kryptonite (under the ocean) which quickly reaches waterlevel and destoys the Oceanliner....
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Why was "Superman Returns" filmed in Sydney, Australia? [closed]

Is there a specific reason why Superman Returns was shot in Sydney, Australia? You can tell because some locations are obviously Sydney, Australia.
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What happened in the beginning of Superman returns? [closed]

He disappeared for five years, to find remains of Krypton... but is it ever mentioned as to what probably happened to Superman when he appeared from the spaceship that crashlanded ? He looked weak and ...
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When did Brandon Routh mention his time as Superman in The Flash?

From Wikipedia page about Superman curse Routh eventually played recurring character Ray Palmer (The Atom) on other DC Comics-related projects, Arrow and The Flash. (In The Flash, characters even ...
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What was it Lex Luthor wanted Lois to say?

In Superman Returns, Lex Luthor had... something he wanted Lois to say. Lex: Come on, let me hear you say it just once, come on. Lois: You're insane. Lex: No! laugh Not that, no, the other ...
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