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Refers to the 1978 film Superman.

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Was this theme from Lohengrin ever used for a Superman show?

I have a mental association between the Prelude to Act III of Lohengrin by Richard Wagner (particularly the horns which come in at 0:25 in the linked YouTube) and the George Reeves Superman shows, as ...
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Why is Kryptonite lethal to Superman?

I've been a fan of Superman for decades and I've always wondered why would a piece of his planet be lethal to him? Am I misunderstanding the significance of what Kryptonite is?
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Why was Jor-El against intervention into human history?

In 1978's Superman Jor-El was against intervention into human history, though Superman wanted to intervene just the same-day history (maybe 30 minutes ago history). He could succeed to save Lois and ...
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How did Jor El expect his son to use his powers in Superman 1-2?

In the first movie (1978) Jor El told that it is forbidden to interviene into people's history. But in the second movie he was against his son letting go his powers. First he tells not to use them, ...
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Why Shazam when there is already Superman?

I am asking this question based on the trailers of the film. As from the trailers, we know that Shazam is pretty much like Superman in terms of superpowers. He can fly, he is bulletproof, has super-...
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Did Superman reverse time by spinning the Earth backwards?

It's an often lampooned scene towards the end of Superman, when the titular Superman discovers Lois has died, he flies around the world very fast in the opposite direction to its spin. This ...
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If it took thousands of years for Kal El to get to earth from Krypton, then how old is superman?

I'm referring to the first few minutes of the 1978 Superman movie with Marlon Brando. Jor El comments on the amount of time necessary to travel to earth but Clark arrives here and looks like a 3 or 4 ...
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How were the opening credits to Superman created?

The opening credits sequence for Superman is one of the most famous and recognizable in the history of cinema. How, exactly, was it produced? (I am speaking specifically about the animated, ...
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Why did Lex Luthor shoot two missiles? [closed]

In Superman: The Movie (1978), Lex Luthor plans to become wealthy by (Spoiler alert but you've had forty years to see the movie so I'm not hiding it) buying desert real estate, then nuking the San ...
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Why is there an alternate Superman meets Lex Luthor underground scene?

When Superman the Movie came out and later on TV, when Superman first meets up with Lex Luthor in Luthor's underground lair, Superman passes through several tests. He gets shot at, fire, cold, and ...
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Is Kara (SuperGirl) natural born?

We learn that Kal-El is a rare natural born Kryptonian. What about Kara? I'm not familiar enough with the continuities to specify, but please use the same continuity that explains Kal-El's birth.
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How can Kryptonians shoot lasers from their eyes?

I understand that the earth's yellow sun gives Kryptonian an extra boost but why can they shoot lasers out of their eye? What kind of eye structure will support this kind of energy output and not ...
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Why was one of the last scenes from the original Superman film cut?

In the first Superman film, there's a scene at the end of the film where Lex Luthor has Miss Teschmacher hanging from a rope, where he then drops her to the lions (in my memory, it was crocodiles, but ...
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