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2016 American biographical drama film about a pilot who successfully landed his damage plane on the Hudson River, directed by Clint Eastwood and staring Tom Hanks.

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Why the need for headphones to hear the black box recording?

In the movie Sully they watch the flight simulations and they can hear the audio on the whole room. But when switch to the black box recording everyone needs to use headphones. So why they dont ...
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IMAX ratio on 16:9 TVs

The film Sully was shot in part in IMAX or 1.90:1, but it was later cropped to 2.39:1 for Blu-ray. Would the IMAX ratio look funny on 16:9? I'm having trouble picturing it. I never have been good at ...
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Why was the final landing scene selected for the movie's poster?

Why was the final landing scene selected for the Sully movie poster? It clearly show us that the pilot landed the plane on the water somehow and thus reveals a significant part of the film's story.
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Why did the ATC operator seem like he was in trouble in Sully?

In the recent movie Sully, the junior-looking ATC operator who witnesses the ditching of Sully's plane is shown as though he is facing a disciplinary action for somehow failing to properly handle the ...
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Did Jeff Skiles really say that?

At the end of Sully, during the hearing, Sully and his copilot are proven correct in their decision to land on the Hudson by adding 35 seconds to the simulation. All the way at the end, the woman from ...
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How accurate is Sully?

Beware of minor spoilers if you know nothing about the Hudson Miracle story. How accurate is the movie Sully? The hearing was (according to the movie) public, and I'm guessing most of the facts are ...
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