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Questions tagged [steven-universe]

Steven Universe is an animated series created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network which is a coming of age story about a boy named Steven Universe and his three alien guardians Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl.

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What is Bismuth's view on the "shattering" of Pink Diamond?

If Bismuth knows that Rose's sword can only poof gems, and not shatter them (since she was the one who made the sword to begin with), did she know the "shattering" was fake; or did she not ...
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Why didn't Spinel find out about Rose Quartz before the broadcast?

In Steven Universe: the Movie, Spinel is clueless about Pink's abandonment until the message. However, the Diamonds definitely knew about Spinel, and Pink's shattering wasn't a secret, so why didn't ...
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How many game systems does Steven own?

In episode 3 of Steven Universe, Steven is shown to have a system resembling a Nintendo 64 in his room. In later episodes, he's also been shown to have a Nintendo GameCube. Has Steven been shown to ...
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