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Questions tagged [steven-spielberg]

Jaws! E.T.! Gremlins! Back to the Future! Schindler's List! Jurassic Park! Superstar Writer, Producer, Director of some of America's iconic movies.

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Cliff drop in Raiders of the Lost Ark

There is a chase scene (at roughly 4:00 into the YouTube clip) as Indiana Jones seeks to retrieve the ark from a truck departing from the Egyptian dig site. Indiana gains control of the truck and ...
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Why the T-Rex always attack at the rainy night in the first two films?

In the first two Jurassic Park films directed by Spielberg, we witness that the Dinosaur always attacks at night with the rainy weather. Particularly if the T-rex is the main dinosaur of the film you ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Did Spielberg have any involvement in filming Star Wars?

We all know George Lucas and Steven Spielberg are best friends. When George Lucas was directing his Star Wars movies, did Spielberg help him to direct or advice him in any way? Was Spielberg ...
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Why does Steven Spielberg use this type of effect in his films?

The following screenshot is taken from Bridge of Spies: Here, light is seen passing in front of a man's head. The same type of effect is also used in War of the Worlds, Artificial Intelligence, and ...
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How did Spielberg come to direct Ready Player One?

It was relatively recently announced that Steven Spielberg will be directing the movie Ready Player One, based off of the book by the same name. Looking through his history of films he has directed, ...
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Why does E.T. move towards the Yoda-like kid while calling "Home Home"?

In the 1982 classic E.T., when Elliot and Mike take E.T. out on Halloween, E.T. sees people dressed up in bizarre costumes, but when a kid dressed up like Yoda walks aside, E.T is seen rushing towards ...
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Is the first part of "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" based on Kubrick's or Spielberg's concepts/style?

I remember (99% sure) an interview with Spielberg (in a documentary of Kubrick's lifework), where he states that many critics falsely supposed that Spielberg was responsible for the first part (...
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