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Questions tagged [stargate-1994]

A 1994 French/American science fiction movie created by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich. This movie started the Stargate franchise which went on to spawn several TV shows and their own related movies.

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2 votes
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Have any of the child actors from Stargate (1994) spoken about their hair and makeup?

Stargate (1994) was a great movie and I'd love to learn more about what went into making it. In particular I wanted to find any interviews with the children. I'm especially interested in learning ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Why were Stargate's subtitles redone?

In Australia, when Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) put in subtitles when English is not used (ie. VS Arashi and If You Are the One) the front is generally yellow and generally at the end of the ...
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19 votes
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In Stargate, what has happened to the children in the pyramid?

In an earlier scene in Stargate where Jackson and Colonel O'Neil had been captured by the henchmen of Ra, and after some butt kicking, O'Neil couldn't shoot Ra with the stolen weapon due to the ...
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10 votes
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In Stargate movie how did they manage to activate the gate in alien world Abydos?

From Earth, we were shown that the aligning of symbols took tremendous amounts of energy, how did they manage to do it from the alien world (Abydos), it seems like a pretty big logical problem.
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9 votes
2 answers

Who/What was Ra?

In Stargate (1994), Ra said he chose the human body because it was so easy to repair. I don't quite understand what this meant. They discovered that Ra's [alien] race was supposedly dying off. ...
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33 votes
5 answers

Why didn't they use a brute force method to activate the Stargate?

In the movie Stargate, they have been trying to activate the Stargate for the last 2 years but could never get the right sequence. After Dr. Daniel Jackson figures out the seventh symbol, they try to ...
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Why do you need 6 points to define a location in 3 dimensional space?

Dr. Daniel Jackson is Stargate: points to outline a course to a find a destination within any three dimensional space, you need six points to determine the exact location......
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