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For questions about the television series Star Trek: Enterprise starring Scott Bakula as Captain Jonathan Archer.

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Did Captain Archer just forget the Illyrians after leaving them stranded?

The Star Trek Enterprise episode Damage ends with Captain Archer leaving the Illyrians stranded 3 years from home. This post 9/11 writing always bothered me because it seems to betray what Star Trek ...
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2 answers

What was happening in "In a Mirror Darkly"?

In episodes 18 and 19 of the 4th series of Star Trek Enterprise ("In a Mirror, Darkly") the characters exist in a dark mirror universe where Star Fleet is the military arm of an aggressive terran ...
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How does the USS Franklin fit in the pre-Kelvin Timeline?

In Star Trek Beyond, we are introduced to the USS Franklin (NX-326). Where does this NX registry, Starship class ship fall in the pre-Kelvin timeline, as compared to the pre-reboot continuity?
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How do they keep docking in "Star Trek: Enterprise"?

I am re-watching Enterprise. Among all the weird history/lore stuff, one thing continues to bother me to no end. How in the world, does the Enterprise constantly dock with darn near every ship out ...
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How did they do the Andorians' skin effects in Star Trek: Enterprise?

Most species of alien in Star Trek have some feature on their face that makes them visually distinct from humans, and it's usually very smooth-looking, because the actor is wearing a prosthetic made ...
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