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A science fiction television series in the Star Trek universe. Set aboard the titular starbase in the farthest reaches of Federation Space, Deep Space Nine follows the adventures of the station's crew and citizens after the liberation of the Bajoran homeworld and the discovery of a wormhole leading to the Gamma Quadrant. Use this tag for questions about DS9 specifically, also add the general [star-trek] tag.

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5 votes
3 answers

If everyone uses replicator, why do tailors still exist?

In Star Trek, Starfleet uniforms and other clothing is made by replicator patterns. Not only does this suggest a standard pattern as well as standard sizing considering the variety of body types that ...
4 votes
1 answer

How did he know about the mountain lion?

In S03E05 of Deep Space 9, Second Skin, one of the convincing things that the master spy told Kira was about a memory from 10 years ago. She shot a mother mountain lion who was protecting her cub. ...
2 votes
1 answer

How did he enter the locked room?

In s01e04 episode of Deep Space 9, A Man Alone, the victim was a clone. Somehow, they found out that the original was the killer. But, how did he get into the locked room?
26 votes
4 answers

Are multiple scenes filmed at the same time?

Are multiple scenes of shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine filmed at the same time? For example while Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden are filming ...
2 votes
0 answers

Of all the shows "TNG" and later, why didn't "DS9" have any slow motion exterior video shots?

On TNG and Voyager, many of the exterior shots of the ships were done in slow motion video frame rates (for those who don't understand what I mean, the same rate as Curb Your Enthusiasm was until like ...
6 votes
1 answer

Why did costumes change style in Deep Space Nine?

In the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Rapture", the outfits of the crew changed from colour to grey with a little colour underneath. Why did the outfits change?
10 votes
1 answer

Why was Michael Dorn in Star Trek DS9 and not someone else from TNG?

This is an out of world question. How come Michael Dorn, who portrayed lieutenant commander Worf, was chosen to continue his role in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine beginning in Season 4? Were there talks ...
1 vote
1 answer

Watching guide for DS9

This may be somewhat too subjective a question, but I'll try anyways. I'm not a trekkie, but I do like me some Star Trek. I'm most familiar with TNG and Voyager. I want to like DS9, and there are ...
4 votes
3 answers

In the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the "timeless aliens" were a paradox, right?

In the pilot episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, I remember there were aliens who had no sense of time. (It was a long time ago; forgive me if I get some details wrong!) I remember the commander ...
10 votes
1 answer

Why was Ezri Dax the polar opposite of Jadzia Dax?

When Star Trek: Deep Space 9 killed off Jadzia Dax, a strong willed woman of skill, they replaced her with Ezri Dax, a very timid, undeveloped woman barely out of her teenage years and mentality. Why ...
9 votes
1 answer

Has Federation medical science really allowed for males to carry a child?

In Deep Space 9 s4e25 Body Parts, Keiko is injured. Keiko is also pregnant with her and Miles O'Brien second child. The injury introduces complications and puts the fetus at risk. The Doctor at hand ...
3 votes
2 answers

Why does the Federation require a rental agreement?

Why does the Federation act as landlord on Deep Space 9? Sisko threatens to collect five years of back rent from Quark in season 4 episode 16, "The Bar Association," as well as power and repair fees. ...
7 votes
1 answer

What is the Federation's policy on attempted murder?

In Star Trek we see many times that alien worlds enlist the help of Starfleet/Federation personnel for humanitarian and other purposes, sometimes these are legitimate, however sometimes it turns out ...