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A TV series or film that takes inspiration and characters from another but does not directly continue the story in the manner of a sequel. To be used for question pertaining to the intricacies of spin-offs specifically, not for any kind of question about some spin-off.

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What are all the tie-ins and spin-offs from Cheers?

I was distantly aware that Cheers spun off multiple shows, or at least had tie-ins with shows. I'm aware of Fraiser, as well as Wings, St Elsewhere and Tortellis. Are there others and how do they ...
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Did Fantasy Island have a spinoff aimed at children?

According to the TV Tropes page for Fantasy Island, the 1977–84 version of the show had a spinoff aimed at children. Spin-Off: For a few weeks ABC tried a Children's version of "Fantasy Island" ...
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Tales of the Code: Wedlocked and Pirates of the Caribbean Timeline

There is a short movie Tales of the Code: Wedlocked which is like a spin-off to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. It involved something like the marriage of Jack Sparrow. ...
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Is The Flash a spin-off?

I've never seen this usage, and spin-off is generally used for TV shows, but can it also be used for comic book based TV shows? For instance, Barry Allen was first seen in Arrow.
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Is Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers a spinoff of The Rescuers?

I've always wondered what the relationship is between Disney's The Rescuers and the TV show Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers. Both shows are done by Disney and are about rodents who act as a "Rescue" ...
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Is there a precedent for Girl Meets World?

Disney Channel's Girl Meets World is appropriately called a spin-off of ABC's 1990s hit Boy Meets World. However, there are some seemingly unique aspects: Is it not a "typical" spin-off. Examples ...
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Why the characters 'Walter White' and 'Jesse Pinkman' dropped from the spin-off 'Better Call Saul'?

Recently I came to know about the new TV show Better Call Saul, which is a spin-off from Breaking Bad. But to my disappointment, the characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman were dropped from the ...
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Have any TV shows spawned spin-offs of a different genre?

Spin-offs are a long-standing tradition in television, but generally the new shows stick quite closely to the aesthetics of the old. The Flash is much lighter in tone than Arrow, but it's still ...
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Television crossover episodes between networks?

It can be somewhat common among spinoff series or when cross promotion is desired, for characters from one series to appear in episodes of another series. This has most recently been seen in some of ...
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Looking for the complete Happy Days Spin Off Tree

I believe (but it is like fodder for another question) that Happy Days may be part of the largest spin-off tree in TV History (To the date of this posting) Is there a compiled list or graphic of the ...
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What prompted the producers of Happy Days to promote and spin-off Mork and Mindy?

Happy Days maintained a fairly realistic bent throughout it's run (I'm not here to debate shark jumping, I promise). Two notable detours from this were Mork and Mindy and Out of the Blue. Mork ...
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