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A (primarily) Star Wars spoof by Mel Brooks.

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Did Mega Maid's last scene correctly show the setting of the vacuum switch?

In the Mel Brooks movie Spaceballs, the spaceship Spaceballs One transforms into a giant maid with a vacuum cleaner. At the end of the movie, Mega Maid self-destructs, sending the head and the hand ...
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Why did they choose a Winnebago to represent Eagle 5?

I've always wondered as to why Mel Brooks chose to represent Lone Starr's ship Eagle 5 from Spaceballs as a 1986 Winnebago and not some other vehicle.
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Did Spaceballs have to get permission for Pizza the Hutt

As I am sure you know, Spaceballs features the character Pizza the Hutt, whose name seems to be obviously derived from the company Pizza Hut. Given that "Pizza Hut" is trademarked, did the filmmakers ...
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Which Star Wars character is Vinnie a parody of?

Almost every character in Spaceballs (1987) is based off someone from Star Wars, especially the ones with bigger roles. Princess Vespa is Princess Leia Dot Matrix is C-3PO Dark Helmet is Darth Vader ...
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The Ring of the Schwartz -- is it actually useless?

In Spaceballs, we see Lonestarr and Dark Helmet use their Schwartz rings to make a lightsaber-like weapon. Later, when Lonestarr loses the ring, Yogurt says that the ring is just bumpkin [probably ...
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What are all the films in Colonel Sandurz's collection?

In Spaceballs, Colonel Sandurz uses the Spaceballs film itself to find where the princess is. During that scene, we see Colonel Sandurz's film collection has many films: A few are quite easy to spot, ...
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Why is Spaceballs specifically numbered Chapter XI?

I know Spaceballs is a Star Wars parody but why is it specifically called Chapter XI and not any other number? Does the number 11(XI) have any other significance or is it just random?
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How did they make Yogurt so short?

In the marvelous film "Space Balls" Director and Actor Mel Brooks played multiple characters. One of these characters was Yogurt, a poor man's Yoda. How did they make Yogurt so short, compared to Mel ...
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What does the "they've gone to plaid" joke mean?

When Dark Helmet orders Spaceball One to go to ludicrous speed, we see it leave a trail of plaid behind. Is this a reference to a specific movie or language idiom?
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